Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Old School Avon Stuff

My grandmother always gave my sister and me little treats from Avon- and you can guess why I liked them- I liked the packaging! There were cool little soaps, bubble baths and lipgloss- what's not to like?
 Here are some cool little lip glosses...
 And I am digging this dutch shoe soap- that style of art on the box is back "in" again, a la Helen Dardin, etc.
 These are some little choo choo train bubble bath jugs...
 And you cant see these damn pictures because blogger will only allow me to enlarge TWO per post- but these are some interesting ones- there is a bottle with hair around it, and a frickin flashlight...
 Turn-a-word! Sit there in the bath and roll the little plastic band and spell cat and dog! Then wash behind your ears...
 These were little good smelling pins- This is Myrtle the Turtle!
 And some cute Its a Small World soaps...
 And little perfumes too!
 This is a bunch of peach blossom stuff
 And here are some 70s barrettes! A pencil...
 and a comb barrette- now wouldnt that look weird in someone's hair?
 This would have been right up my alley- a hamburger lipgloss!
 That's right folks...Funburger!
 Groovy white ginger talc
 And a cute little thing of soap for your kitchen!
 Groovy! School bubble bath!
 And cola too!
Good old Peanuts characters- so lackluster, but all over the place!

And I am digging this nail tint- it was called "Hello Sunshine."
Love those days!