Sunday, November 25, 2012

Barbies in 1983

1983 had some pretty cool Barbies. This one, Twirly Curls, was from the year prior, I believe, but this special gift set was available in 83- She had a special outfit. Want to see some others?

This was Crystal Barbie. She had the super-pale hair and the lavender eyes with the iridescent dress that "shined with glamour." Cool! I think it came with a medallion for you to wear.

Loving You Barbie, which I think I talked about 12 times already, made me fall into a trance because of her puffy heart sleeves. She came with a little stamp kit for YOU! She was there to help you write valentines' cards.

Malibu Barbie was out in the years prior, but not SUN GOLD Malibu Barbie. She had a fierce gold lame suit and a gold beach bag- instead of that boring blue suit and bag. Gold is always an upgrade in the world of Barbie.
Here is Sun Gold Skipper- the no boob version of Barbie. Why did Barbie want her hanging around anyway?

Great Shape Barbie came in a leotard and tights (with LEGWARMERS) and a headband. The back of the box showed the exercises she could do...and that ANY barbie could do if you just bent them the same way. Those pictures also look like breakdancing moves...

Fabulous Fur Barbie? How did this escape me? Side pony, glittered body suit and white mink. Yes, yes, a thousand times yes! She came with nothing. She has a FUR for pete's sake, how many gifts did you want?
 Barbie was a slave to a beauty salon, lets be honest. And you could have your very own mini-salon, if your parents would buy it. And Ill be damned if that isn't Great Shape Barbie in the picture, still in her legwarmers. She went straight to the salon from the gym. Can you say yeast infection?
 The salon came with a little pump to wash her hair (it really sprayed water) curlers, tissue box, a phone, a "streaking wand" to do her hair and scissors. Sweet!
I love the way they drew Barbie's hair in the 80's- and here is a great example of the golden goodness: The Barbie sticker album and some rub and play transfers, aka, stickers that you could NEVER unstick- they were tattoos for your toys and belongings.
 And lastly, a pretty drawing of Pink and Pretty Barbie, my second favorite Barbie of all time, behind Golden Dream Barbie. Lots of floofy pink mink and sheer goodness.