Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hey, That's Not Barbie

 The seventies brought us a bunch of celebrity dolls that tried to take over Barbie: But they were still fun! For instance, I remember one of our friend's babysitters having this Growing Hair Cher doll (her eyebrows look blue in this picture for some reason, but I doubt they truly were.)
 Here is the box- Cher is in a great little Bob Mackie gown it looks like..
 And in case you sucked at doing hair- the back of the box was a guide on how to do her hair. As if you could really do any of this...
 Here is the back of another Cher box, showing the fabulous outfits of her Variety Show: Sonny & Cher
 Some Bob Mackie fierceness
 And of course, an Indian costume for "Half-Breed"

Did you guys have the Marie Osmond doll? She had a cool disco dress on
I couldnt find the Donny doll, but here is her brother Jimmy
Kitty O'Neil? Yep, that's right, the famous daredevil stuntwoman. And don't forget this Debby Boone doll: Youuuuu light up my liffffeee
 Dude! The Bionic Woman! That's right!
She could run 60 miles per hour and had bionic hearing in her right ear!
Here is her Dome house! It was inflatable and had a cool ass fireplace (that green thing- it snapped together and went in the middle of the room).
Okay, this is out of order- but let's do it anyway. JORDACHE dolls? Oh yes girl, oh yes. These were from the early 80's I believe.
 Flipped hair, tight jeans (they didn't even look that tight, but there was that horse logo!)
 Here are the real men's version of the jeans for reference...
You could buy a bunch of fashions- and in this case, it wasn't about the doll and her wardrobe- it was about the wardrobe wearing the doll... 

 They also had a Cheerleader version of the doll- but who wanted that? We wanted the damn jeans...
 Then Sasson was like, excuse me? We have a doll too! But she is eight years old...
Barbie came back and said TA DOW: We have "Fashion Jeans" Barbie and she is better than both of you: She has a pink angora sweater and pink boots! Beat THAT!
OK, back to "Other Dolls" and to the doll I don't even remember category: Tuesday Taylor? Did you guys have one of these? You could change her hair color! She has a very Euro look to her, digging the shape of her nose...
Ok, let's get to these Charlie's Angels dolls: Look at Farrah's man jaw! Why did they make it like that? Her head is so oversized...
 And the lovely Cheryl Ladd in a pretty red dress- they made her cute.
 Annnnnnd the two brunettes: Kate Jackson and Jaclyn Smith, baby! They put Kate in a cute scarf top and Jaclyn in a crazy jumper with an ascot!

Here is the whole team in little jumpers and ascots- kinda cute; diggin it!
Til next time...