Sunday, November 25, 2012

1980s Ads

The 80's were a colorful decade, and one of much madness. Let's take this Benetton ad for instance. Color, culture, chaos, clothes my mom couldn't afford- check, check, check and check.
Member's Only jackets were a big trend in the 80's- but then grandpa's everywhere started wearing them and the whole shebang faded out. I had a lavender one in 4th grade.

Did you girls ever wear these benders? I just remember that it made my curls look like shit. They made you have horrible bed head- although I thought they looked neat and always tried to bite them, as I did anything foam-based.
These look pretty cool- I never used one, but I would if they were still around. I like their honesty: Were not going to lie and say shaving is fun.

I loved these little cups with the jokes on the side! These were in our kitchen by the Arrowhead water dispenser.

This deodorant is so eighties! Look at that modern design, people! Good old roller ball deodorant...

Bonne Bell! The smell of sixth grade! They had Dr. Pepper Lip gloss! But everyone had bubblegum mostly.
Whoah- is THIS what Taco Bell wrappers used to look like? Wow. Fugly.

Ohhhhh yeah- CLICKS. These were the cool shoes in my jr. high, always worn with short socks.
I wanted these in grade school! They had a little pocket that you could keep...well, nothing but a coin! Or a piece of paper in! But they looked cool.

I never saw these! KangaRoos that lit up!?

Ohhhhh yes- Swatch. You guys know I love me some Swatches. You'd better Swatch Yourself.

Shasta! Backyard BBQ's with the relatives!

And here are RC and Mountain Dew logos- so colorful and cool.