Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Bento Box Obsession

My new mania is centered around Bento Boxes- and all of the cool lunches people make inside them! Holy cow! Look at these!

Bento Boxes have been around forever, they are from Japan as most of you know. The plastic ones came out in the 80's- they used to be metal.

Now they have all of these contests and stuff- which is where I got these pictures, they are from assorted sites showing the best of the best

Can you believe how cute these are!?
Look at this little pie!
Loving the spaghetti hair
A little Halloween festivities!
Oh my gosh, I LOVE pandas
Awwwww, a whole little crew
Look at those panda hand rolls
Little snow men!
WHOA- look at that one in the center
Dude- these are so cool! The little octopuses!
How cute is this?
I am dying for this one!
A DS! Oh my gosh- I need to get some little cookie cutters!