Thursday, October 4, 2012

Barbie's Stuff

 Do you guys remember this furniture from the late 70's? That was still in the stores in the early 80s? I remember thinking this furniture was so modern and chic! I LOVED the little square stool for her lime green DESK!
 And here is her furniture for the living room (see the cocktails on the coffee table?) I thought those couches were to die for!

 I realllly wanted this dressing table with the accessories and pink phone (I have that phone now, in life-size dimensions)
 But I was given THIS furniture instead...the blow up! I still have that dressing table in my box of barbies- the mirror always folds forward!
Oooooh, this would have been cool to have- Barbie's fridge! You know in real life, someone who looks like Barbie has NOTHING in her fridge, but since it is a kid's doll they had to through some food in there.
 Do you remember this Beauty Bath? Oh wow...there is a little dressing table on the side!
 Here it is out of the the greenery outside of the window, to keep away peeping Kens...
 Then a few years later they came out with this pink one- I know this one had the pumping bubbles...
 After Barbie's bath, she went to bed in this dream bed- a canopy bed. I had this one, there was a little foam heart pillow that I wanted to bite.

 I know I posted this pool before, but I didn't realize how fantastic it actually was! Have you looked at this lately?

 There was even a shower in the back, with a groovy shower curtain!

 I had this Barbie Corvette and it was pretty fantastic I must say- very heavy and well made. But there was a short cord- you had to follow the damn thing around because the cord was attached to the remote and the car!

 Now after all of that glamour- Barbie goes to...McDonalds? Really?

 You could even make her WORK at McDonalds- there were little cash registers and trays and even a fries basket! I think I remember Skipper having to work here, actually
After eating McDonalds, barbie had to work out, of COURSE! Here is her workout center with her locker and everything.
I will look for more and post it!