Friday, September 28, 2012

Cool Illustrators

I know it is time to do a blog post when I start getting completely obsessed with something. Last night, while (watching Watch What Happens Live) I was tinkering around on the Internet and came across these illustrators- I nearly flipped my lid. They are all contemporary artists who draw in a retro style that is near and dear to my heart because it looks like the art in the storybooks of my youth, on the candy packages, bubble bath bottles, cartoons, etc. Let's take a look at my favorite, Toru Fukuda. He rocks!

 Can't you just see these images on everything from the old days? Love this guy! He is from Kobe, Japan and does a lot of work in advertising, which is perfect, because this stuff is MADE for kids' packaging.

 Fukuda also does animation and a ton of other things- he has three doodle books out, but I can't find them on Amazon.

 Isn't this beautiful!? *sighs* I just made this the background of my laptop





 He also does games like this one- It is fantastic! Check out all of his other illustrations on his beautiful Flickr page- you will be so inspired!

Okay, below is another really neat illustrator named Helen Dardik- she is a mom of three from Canada- Her work is very reminiscent of Mary Blair, whom I LOVE. Look at her designs below!

 You can buy gift wrap with her designs at this place: It is SO NEAT
 She also does these cute book plates

And you can buy her prints on Etsy for reasonable prices! Yay!
Okay, got that off my chest, back to my life *exhales*