Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Beauty Secrets Barbie and Shithead Ken

 Let's look at more Barbie stuff! Today we are looking at things from 1979, another good year for the big flowing-haired Barbie Illustrations. Here is a Barbie Dream House ColorForms set- It is kind of cool because it's like an interior design board- the house is empty and you decorate it the way you wish. (If only I could paint the walls and change out that floor, we'd be in business...)
Neat, huh? I like that pink and blue bed...

 This is one of those vinyl cases that I love- they are super colorful, sort of cheap and always tore at the corners, but they looked so cool. Besides, anything that looked like a briefcase was A-OK by me.

Ooooooooh...Beauty Secrets Barbie! She had fierce bangs! And those turquoise eyes and a dress (robe)? That was the perfect shade of Barbie Pink! *sigh* Basically, this was Barbie before she got ready for a "glamorous night on the town." Your job, you lowly maidservant, was to get her ready. She came with a three way mirror of cardboard and a lavender case of supplies: Toothbrush, washcloth, face powder puff, comb and lipstick! As if that is all that is needed. So you were learning to groom by grooming Barbie...and when you grew up you were completely shocked that there were more 'supplies' needed than those five to look like Barbie...

 Here is Beauty Secrets Christie- A sister needs to get ready for the night on the town too. She has a glamorous blue robe and all of the same supplies. When you pressed a button on their back, their arm would move and powder the face, brush their teeth, etc.

Black Barbie. Geez- couldn't it be African-American Barbie?
 Fierce gold and white outfits!

 Okay, now after all of that glamour, you get this shithead: Sport and shave Ken, with his long scraggly hair and dolphin shorts. THIS is the man for Barbie? I think not. There was some kind of a marker that you colored on his face and a little eraser thing that was the razor, thus getting rid of the five-o-clock shadow of this slacker.
Oh, sorry, he was a marathon runner. He is just missing the sweatband around his head!
Until next time...