Saturday, September 22, 2012

Barbies I Never Knew About

I know Mattel was always pumping out Barbies, and I was sure I knew about all of them. BZZZZ! Wrong! I didn't know about FASHION PHOTO from around 1977. She came with a play camera that was really a remote control to make the Barbie POSE! Say WHAT? I would have loved it. Apparently, the camera had a little wire on it that ran to the posing stand, and it made Barbie "change poses quickly." I'll bet that looked pretty funny, if not downright disappointing. The camera had a colored lens that probably made you feel all artsy- I like that touch.

I wish I could make these damn pictures bigger, but something is wrong with my laptop today. Anyway, the Barbie below is also from 1977 and is called Pretty Changes Barbie- she came with clothes that could be mixed and matched and turned around into twenty thousand yellow outfits (she is very reminiscent of Pink n' Pretty Barbie and her changeable wardrobe.) Pretty Changes Barbie also appeared to have hair pieces (even a brunette wig) and hats- now THAT is awesome.

Does anyone remember this SUPER TEEN Skipper? Not I! But I am sticking with the 1977 theme today, because I just got a 1977 SuperStar Barbie remake or whatever it's called- time capsule Barbie? Anyway, it led me to believe that 1977 was more rockin than I once thought.
Want to look at some more old things?
Did you guys ever play with Color Forms? I liked them enough- but I would have really liked this Barbie one a lot. I think I had a boring Snoopy one, I would have preferred flowing gowns and stars and spotlights.

 Oh my gosh, I hope I can enlarge THIS doozy: The 'Me & Barbie Birthday Party' for the lonely 80's child whose parents were out partying: Have a little party by yourself- er- I mean, with BARBIE! It's almost like a REAL party!

 and here are the goods inside: Looks like some chairs and party supplies and what appears to be a single plate for your sorry ass to eat cake by yourself.

 The party games look cool and colorful though- that is a nice touch there.

 Loving this packaging for the Barbie sunglasses

 And here are some styling tools to make your OWN crappy hair look like golden spun sunshine like Barbies! And of course, a mirror with Barbie's picture in it, so you won't see yourself.

 Dude- a Barbie FUR and JEWELS safe? least they were being realistic about her over the top belongings: Lock that shit up, kids.

I think I include this item in every Barbie post, but here it is again because I loved it so much: The SuperStar STAGE SHOW with a stage that allowed the Barbies to move on the runway and a little emcee stand.

 This looked really cool when it was large, but like doo doo when it's small and I can't delete for some reason, so it stays. This is a neat little photographer studio for Barbie made from Vinyl. I am sure it was quite fun.

 I love the artwork on the old Barbie coloring books- such candy colors.

And HERE is the PRIZE for the ever-fabulous Barbie? Ken in BELL BOTTOMS? *sigh*
Until Next Time!