Friday, April 27, 2012

Village Lip Lickers

Do you guys remember those Village Lip Lickers in the little sliding tins? They were about the size of two stamps side by side and came in yummy flavors like orange juice and bubble gum. The writing was old-time ice cream parlor-ish- let's look at pictures!
 Okay- this is selling on ebay for like, 80 bucks! Say WHAT?! But look how cool it is!

Cherry and Cola flavors! Which really should be one flavor- They must've not have Cherry Coke that year?
THIS was the best smelling Lip Lickers that we all had/wanted: Strawberry!

And this one is cool too- Root Beer! Although I always hated the taste of root beer...


Tropical Punch!
and fruit punch!

Here is green apple, in it's cool packaging...

Ahhhh sukey sukey now- this is when they got fancy: TWO SEPARATE FLAVORS! Banana and strawberry, people! Just like the smoothie I drink every day.

Watermelon and ICE? What flavor is ice? Pure petroleum jelly I guess...

Vanilla is always a staple in all lipglosses, no different for Lip Lickers!
Peach! Yummy!

Here is the inside of one of those double flavored ones- this is raspberry and cream- the top of the tin is below...
pretty, huh?

When you are a kid, you want EVERYTHING to be bubblegum flavor...especially your lipgloss!

Here is one unscathed- Mine would never look like this- I would immediately want to dig my dirty ass nails into the flat gel...

Spearmint!? No thanks...Too much like toothpaste...

Lemon and Lime? Like Sprite!

Orange Juice? Well, okay, if there is nothing left...

Lemon! and Wild Cherry- now THAT I would have wanted...

And this is blurry, but you know how much I love packaging!

and here is a good one- although I like the previous packaging much better.

 Grape, baby!

Cherry and Cola! 
This is hard to see, but it is a vintage Lip Lickers display
These are those big ones with two flavors horizontally,
and an advertisement!