Sunday, December 4, 2011


If you were still a girl in 1986, you may have had a Popple. I, myself, did not- but I am going to include them on this site because I like the colors and plushiness of Popples and I do have an appreciation of most 80s girls toys, so let's take a look at these.

Popples are from a branch off company from American Greetings, who I think are the same people who did Strawberry Shortcake. They are plush balls that unfold into bright colored teddy bears or kangaroo type animals with a long tail. There are different series of Popples: Rock Star Popples (with microphones and funky clothes), Sports Popples- probably geared toward boys- they are in primary colors, no pinks, and fold up into basketballs and baseballs.
 There are also Flower Popples that fold up into Flowers, my personal favorites, as well as Pillow Popples (in PJs), fruit Popples and a random Ballerina and Cheerleader (because both of those are always welcome to girls). There are also little Pufflings-  pets that are basically just a puffball (see below). Let's check them out and see if you had any of these!

Pink Puffling
Purple Puffling

Red Puffling
Blue Puffling


Baby Bibsy

Cribsy Bibsy

Kissy Pop

Party Pink

Party Pink in a ball
Pink Flower Popple Honeysuckle

Honeysuckle in a ball- cute!

Pretty Bit

Pretty Bit in a ball

annnnnd the trusty lunchbox!

Here is the popples logo

Puffball Cheerleader

This ad cracks me up- it was geared toward parents and the ad copy is terrible, although I like the picture!

Until next time...