Saturday, June 2, 2012

Dirty Kids Bath Products

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Remember Dirty Kids Bath Products?! They are by the same company that did Lip Lickers in the little tins (see my other post if you dont remember). I LOVED these products so much- they kind of had the same look as Dudley Shake-an-Egg kits! I couldn't find many pictures of this stuff, but here is what I found!

 A crusty old soap dish featuring the characters!
 The finger painting kit!

 The poem inside the kit!

 The finger paints/bubble bath!

annnnndddd a close up of the finger paint. So cute, huh? I will post more when I find them!
Oh my gosh, Blogger won't let me enlarge this, but it is a Tutti-Frutti bubble bath and "Sunshine Friends" hand lotion! Along with our favorite: LIP LICKERS lip gloss (see my separate post about those little tins!)