Friday, November 4, 2011

Vintage Rainbow Brite

Did you guys ever have Rainbow Brite dolls? These were completely bypassed in my house, but we are still going to take a look at them here today!

Ok, please note: Above are the cute cartoons of what the dolls should look like...and then below, we will take a look at what the dolls actually did look like. In all fairness, these dolls are over 25 years old and shouldn't be judged so harshly I suppose.
All right, here's the deal on Rainbow Brite (I am trying to type this while watching the Real Housewives of Atlanta, and it is hard to pay attention). Her name used to be Wisp. Yes, Wisp. Boring old Wisp. She was taken to a colorless world and was supposed to find the sphere of light

She meets her sprite (that little fluffy guy with her in the box) Twink, who used to be red, but he was drained of all his colors when he was thrown into some pit by a villain named Murky Dismal (we will look at him in a minute.)

At some point, she rescues a bunch of colorful kids and locates the color belt, which is the grandaddy of all superpowers because it brings COLOR to the colorless world, people! She is then queened ruler of Rainbow Land and she and all her colorful friends remain in charge of the colors, including the colors on earth. Ya with me?

Here is Starlite, her talking horse
Here's the packaging- you know how I love packaging...

Puppy Brite: Because everybody needs a dog
Because all eighties characters need an Irish sidekick, here is Patty O'Green and her sidekick sprite, Lucky. Like her braids- cute.

representin the sistas is Indigo, in charge of the color purple. She is theatrical and loves acting. Her sprite is named Hammy. I like her little lavender streaks in her hair.

Close up in box...cute
Here is Lala Orange, representing the French. She is supposed to be a girly girl, but I don't see how in the color orange. Her sprite is named OJ. borrriinnng.

oooh- now were talkin'- a PINK doll with long ponytails. Girls like this stuff here. This is Tickled Pink, who wasn't in the original crew, but who came in later. She is in charge of something in Rainbow Land- I think it is pastels. Anyway, she is the only other doll who has a multi-colored dress besides Rainbow out bitches!

Cute little close up- pinks, lavenders and gold? Yes please.

Here is Red Butler without Sprite Romeo- he is brave and all that, the typical alpha-male.

Buddy Blue, another dude, with his Sprite Champ. If you are guessing he is the sporty one, you would be correct!

Canary Yellow is a dancer...I think this is supposed to be a dude. His sprite is named Sashay Shante (kidding).

 Here are a few Sprites- they are little guys who mine color crystals in the caves of Rainbow Land: Cheap labor! They are the working class.

ahhhh sukey sukey now...Here is Murky Dismal! He has major Issues! He hates color because when he was little, he drew on the walls with a bunch of crayons and his mother went ballistic. She made him clean for hours and hours to remove alllll of those colors- and he has hated color in general, ever since! Get over it dude! He creates clouds of doom in Rainbow Land and is all around depressing and evil. Well, someone has to do it.

This is Murkey Dismal's sprite, or henchman, Lurky. He is clumsy and good-hearted and drives the grunge buggy for Murky!

Until next time!