Sunday, October 23, 2011


Poochie for Girls! Do you guys remember Poochie? The first exposure I had to Poochie was a commercial for a Poochie Stamp- it was a rather large plastic Poochie dog (pink ears, sunglasses, white body) and there were little interchangeable stamps underneath her, one of which said "I love you." Two girls in the commercial stamped I love you on a piece of paper and gave it to a boy- I remember being shocked at their courage. I thought they had balls. I also didnt like Poochie after that- I felt about it the same way I felt about Jem: It was taking me into the big girl category when I wasnt ready. The ads for Poochie kept going with it: "A Poochie Girl Says What's on Her Mind" was the slogan. It went on to say that girls didnt used to be able to express themselves, but now they could, with Poochie products (stamps, stationary, stickers.) The top of the ad was a little boy with his mouth open, shocked, as I was, by the bold girls telling him how they felt about him.

I think it worked for a lot of girls who wanted to be grown up, like my little sister. Either that, or she just thought Poochie was cute.
Here is a smaller Poochie stamp, which told girls "screw playing hard to get: Tell the guy you like him!" Shoulda been called "hoochie"...
A Poochie stuffed Dog
Poochie was liscenced up the ying yang: Golden Books, coloring books, watches, overnight bags...See below for more Poochie merchandise

The Poochie overnighter bag was shown in a commercial along with a glamour nail kit and a "notes n stuff"- They were shown as what to bring to a slumber party.

Check out the original commerical, below!

And another for Poochie Pals...