Wednesday, July 13, 2011

memorable Cosmo Covers

 Cosmopolitan Magazine was the first magazine that gave me a dip into the world of glamour: something I had no part of, wearing my eighties glasses and Hello Kitty backpack. I remember being at a friend of my mother's, and while my mom talked to her, I snuck around and found a big wicker basket of Cosmo magazines. I picked one up and saw tons of hair and tons of makeup, lots of color, and racy bylines. I was so intrigued! When I opened the pages of Cosmo, I read about totally inappropriate things and went straight to school and told my grade school friends everything I read. I was popular for a few days as a result! Let's talk more about Cosmo:
 One of the famous things about Cosmo, is the covers Gia Carangi did while completely hooked on heroin. I don't know if she was a huge junkie in the one below, but the one above was a mess- they had to try to hide her track marks with that long sweater!
 Gia Carangi in 79 or 80

 I believe this is Kelly Emberg, one of my favorite if not the best early 80's Cosmo model. Her sprayed 80's hair and big earrings were so awesome!
She dated Rod Stewart, but who cares. I don't remember her much after these Cosmo ads, but I guess she was in Sports Illustrated a lot. Long live the 80's square jaw!

I had this magazine cover ripped out as a young girl- another Kelly Emberg one. I think I still have it. I thought her bangs looked SO GOOD. They were sprayed to the top of the magazine!

 Another model I associate with Cosmo is Paulina Porizkova. She is so fierce! She did all of the Estee Lauder ads in the 80's.

More Paulina in 1987

In 1988, we started seeing a lot of this model, Jill Goodacre. I thought she was so pretty! She was one of the first Victoria's Secret models in the mail order catalogs that came to my house, I remember very clearly. She is, of course, married to Harry Connick Jr. now.

 Shit hit the fan in 1988, when Cindy Crawford stepped in and wiped out the all American blondes for a few years.
 I thought she looked so good in this one!

 In 1989, Carr√© Otis was everywhere. I ripped out so many of her pictures! I loved her. She did the Guess? campaign in 1988 and was all over the place after that. She was married to Mickey Rourke- do we all know that already? I did...
I remember when this one came out- I was like, WOW! Kim Basinger was in Batman in what, 1989? And she was super hot shit for a few years afterward, like here in 1991.

 This is one of my very favorite covers, maybe my favorite of all time! I loved dutch model Karen Mulder! Gah! And she was wearing an outfit like the ones I used to wear when I went out. Pink, tiny, cute, long hair, pink lipstick. Dude...apparently she was arrested a few years ago for trying to attack her plastic surgeon...but I love her so I am not gonna tell you about it!

And this was my second favorite cover of the early 90s: Meghan Douglas  in the turquoise blue dress. She only did one other Cosmo cover and it looked nothing like her! I freaked. She was all pale, lighter blonde, and wearing some rainbow tube dress to her ankles. I had this on my wall, and no, I am not gay. I just loved the hair and makeup *bows down*
Claudia Schiffer was a super super model. Hair, boobs, lips- Totally worked it, a gorgeous German chick. Great cover here, because she has that sixties eye makeup that I still do today. This chicks' current net worth is like, 55 million. Not a dumb blonde.

 I very much remember this 1993 Kate Moss cover- it was so unlike her to be in lavender with tons of big hair and makeup! It was so out of place. This has to be the most "off" Cosmo cover I have ever seen. They needed her on the cover because she was the IT GIRL of 1993, but she was very much heroin chic and grunge and the antithesis of Cosmopolitan.

 In 1994, Stephanie Seymour did this cover- she was so gorgeous! I saw her on magazines since about 1989 and she was going strong five years later. She was in all of the early Victoria's Secret catalogs as well. She was dating John Casablancas of Elite when she was sixteen. Damn girl.

And while I remember every single 1994 cover, I remember this one the most because my roommate cried over it: she wanted her jaw to look like Bridget Halls. Sigh.

Until next time!!