Sunday, October 23, 2011

Bobby and Kate, Triple Yan-Yan


Bobby (I almost wrote Booby) and Kate were these little characters that weren't Hello Kitty. That is how I saw them. But looking back, I have a new found respect for the cuteness that is Bobby and Kate- they were actually pretty adorable and I like the pastels. Let's look at these:

Nice and rounded, thick lines, lots of gingham? I'm sold.
I think this is soap...
Ok, now, this little product is different: This is TRIPLE YAN YAN! I frickin LOVED Triple Yan Yan although I didn't know and still don't know what in the world a yan yan is. They appeared to be cute little sisters with bows, overalls and little purses. They were on erasers and miniature notepads and teensy pencils.
A cute eraser inside a plastic house? Yes please! Although mixing red with pastels is a don't in my book, I will let it slide here.
Another cute eraser missing a roof/lid. Wonder if these smelled like bubblegum like the Sanrio ones did?
This was a jumbo pencil- I had a pink one. Hanging off it was a little memo pad with a tiny pencil! So cute! If I find more stuff I will post it. Thanks to flickr for most of these pictures- someone has a really cute collection out there and I wish it was me!

Here is more stuff I just found on Etsy, which means you can BUY it:

A blue one with no frills...

 A pink on with teeny crayons!

 Colored Pencils! Cute!

 A whole set of cuteness...

Annnnd a little desk calender.

Until next time!