Monday, October 24, 2011

1980s Makeup and Beauty

I loved makeup in the 80s. I got a big box of makeup for my sixth birthday (yes, you read right) and I loved it ever sense. These Kissing Koolers were out around 1988, when I was 14 and first started piling it on.
The peppermint one was the best! I will never forget that candy cane smell.
Now before those kissing koolers, were Kissing Potion lipglosses- See the ad below with the original Valley Girl Deborah Foreman (sp?)- They straight up say in the ad that you should wear a different flavor for each guy you kiss! Don't hate the player, had the game people!

Here's some vintage makeup packaging and below are lots of ads that I would see in my mother's magazines

This ad campaign was my favorite of the 80s- They started in 87 and went through to 89: The most unforgettable women in the world wear Revlon. Lots of future supermodels featured in these ads, including the one above.

And here is the contraption all of us put our makeup into: CABOODLES make up case- it was basically a pink tackle box!

Ads featuring colorful 80s eyeshadows!
Maxi was discontinued at some point when I wasn't looking, but I wore their foundation in the 8th grade...

OOOH, do you guys remember these little sample eye shadows that were included in magazine inserts? Pretty genius. They should do that again.

 Here is what looks like a young Kim Basinger for Maybelline
and then ad ad for those big ass Bonne Bell lipsmackers on the chains!


 Did you girls have these weird foam curler thingies? I did, and while it was fun to bend and twist them, my hair looked like shit on a shingle. Ooooh, remember that deodorant, tickle? Nice packaging design, more original than the ones today. And who could forget good old Faberge Organics! We thought Organic shit was new? Noooo- they were before their time!

 Flicker razors! Do they still have these? And then there is Love's Baby Soft featuring a virginal girl with a barrette and a tight t-shirt that says 'Im baby soft"...uhhh...nice.

 Hot rollers folks! And the hippie packaging design of Clairol Herbal Essence, before they moved to the orgasm sounds on the commercials (that was always so embarrassing to watch)
 We all wore these as girls, did we not? For picture day!

 This is from the seventies, but awesome nonetheless: GEE, YOUR HAIR SMELLS TERRIFIC, lets make out. Then an 80's perfume: Cachet!

 Cutex nailpolish and Aquanet: Watch out bitches!

 Oh my gosh, I LOVE these Coty Sweet Earth Country Road cologne bottles! The lid was glass but was painted to look like a little cork! It was such a cute little glass jug! The lilac and honeysuckle were my faves!
 More Baby Soft to get the guys!

 Guess what? Blogger won't let me delete a photo from my posts! Something is going on with them, and you will have to suffer with TWO Benetton ads! Just thought I would through these in to keep the mood!

And this was at the end of the 80's L.A. GEAR!

Now go and make your eyes look like a peacock, ladies!