Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Doll With the House Under Her Skirt!

OH MY GOSH!!!! I bring you (drum roll........) the MOPPETS SECRET DOLLHOUSE! Do you know how long I have been trying to remember what this toy was CALLED? I am so relieved. It was bugging me for years! Thank you TEAM SALAS! And I was under the impression that it was a treehouse- but I was mixing it up with that other treehouse toy. THIS was IT!!!!! Because now I remember the skirt. My sister always took it completely off the dollhouse, which annoyed me, because I wanted the SECRET house to be under her dress! Okay...that sounds sort of weird. Maybe the whole premise is strange...but let's not think about that!

Here is the kitchen, the groovy fireplace and the TV room. You could insert the doll into the opening on top and pull her skirt over the whole house, or just do what my sister did and leave it as a little house and make her hang out on the bean bag (see below for more accessories that were included with this toy)

I think there was a cute little orange push button phone too, because I saw it in with my Barbie stuff.
If I find more images, I will post them for you guys. Yay!!

The Bedroom!

And here are more "Moppets"!

There was also a secret nursery! It was a smaller version of the dollhouse and had a bassinet on top!

Cute, huh? Now go hit eBay!