Sunday, October 10, 2010

Barbie Make Up and Hair

Hi girls! Shall we inspect some Barbies this morning?

I think this is a vintage Superstar Barbie, queen of all that is fabulous. Please note, that this Barbie is far less tan than usual, and has a darker blue eye. While she still has blue eyeshadow on, she is still very natural, as far as Barbie goes. The reason for this, my friends, is that if you are wearing bright pink, you have to go easy on make up and hair. Barbie knows this, of course!

This Barbie has sort of red eyebrows, but light make up. She looks like a nice sorority girl. (Did I just say nice sorority girl?)

 Here is astronaut Barbie. She is more than a pretty face! This doll was the result of a meeting of Mattel employees who sat around brainstorming for a way for Barbie not to seem so shallow. This Barbie has more mascara on and no lipstick, because that is a little much when you are in space.Please note the puffy sleeves on the astronaut outfit (Did I just say astronaut outfit?) I would also like to note her yearbook pose.

Here she is in the box. Now I see that she has less forehead- a lower hairline than other Barbies. And please note the fierce outfit!

This is Garden Party Barbie, who is full of tulle and rosettes. I am trying to think of a situation in which you would wear such an outfit, but the only situation that would be appropriate, would be just being Barbie herself. She could wear this outfit to the grocery store.