Sunday, August 8, 2010

My Stuff: A Window into my Brain

I am watching Spellbound by Alfred Hitchcock, which will no doubt scare me this late at night. These old movies scare me far worse than anything current could. It’s the music. The music is chilling. I haven’t seen this one yet- it stars Ingrid Bergman and Gregory Peck, who I have wanted to see in a picture. I’ll let you guys know how it is. Oh, and I am reading the Vivien Leigh biography and it is…well, very sad. She basically went crazy. She was super manic depressive and it got worse and worse and worse. She even had to have shock therapy. It’s just sad. She threw these great parties and was an excellent stage actress, but in her private life she lost her mind.

OK, I was thinking today about stuff. Namely, my own. I come into my room at night and retreat into the inner workings of my brain, like I am doing right now. Want to see it? All right, come on in. Above is the famous pink phone about which we already spoke. I need to refill my water glass! I bought that really pretty pink book of love poems off amazon after seeing it in Anthropologie. I just liked the cover. I have to confess...I don't like poetry. I know, I know. I have several books on the lives of both Sylvia Plath and Ann Sexton- I just...I don't get poetry. I like finality. Answers. Cut and dry. I don't know.

Okay, moving on- that is a picture of my beloved Sicilian Grandmother in a teensy frame- she was a model for Eastman Kodak and I have tons of old modeling pics from her days living in Hollywood. She was so wonderful. I miss her.

That stack of books are the ones I am reading right now. They are slow, but I like the writing style so I am trying to get through them.
I also have a bunch of coffee table/picture books for inspiration. These ones are so beautiful!

These are real big- like, 16X20 and they are in the hall between my closet and my bedroom.

I will monogram anything that won't run away. The top pillow is my son's. Did you know it is only $6 to monogram linen? Come on! Isn't it worth it?

And you KNEW I had pink monogrammed bath towels. You just knew it.

You guys saw in my last house I had the two little poodles...well, since my grandmother has passed, here is the rest of the family.

This is actually on the mantle in the living room- I just think it is pretty.

This is from my favorite room in the house. My bathroom. There is a bunch of vintage costume jewelry in there, the bows I wear in my hair over there on the left and some random pastel Hello Kitty stuff that just makes me happy. Do you like my vase over there on the right? I got that at an antique shop last Christmas.

Nighties and a...(drumroll) monogrammed kleenex holder thingie. I made them re-do this one three times, 'cause it kept coming to me crooked or upside down. I was a diva that day.

A peek into the bathroom bookshelf of randomness. Antique piggy bank from my grandmother's collection.

And here is some hidden stuff that you have to like, come around corners to view. It makes me smile, but I am aware it could also make me look rather nuts. Here is my old Hello Kitty stuff...well, besides the polka dot tin thing which I bought last week.

This is next to my shower. Don't ask me why. Isn't this a delightful sight!? The ice cream cone opens up into a little house for the Liddle Kiddles. The ponies are not old- they are only 5-10 years old and I bought them because I liked their color combinations. The books are pop art books and are really beautifully laid out. They are by Pop Ink. I got that Tiara at Disneyland and I'll be damned if I didn't wear it around the house quite often last year.

More Liddle Kiddles and a Lilly Pulitzer book.

I know, I know- there is a hair in this little dish. But I had to show you these little goodies by the sink. The two on the left are erasers, the third one is a little soap I got in second grade that I never wanted to use and the hello kitty thing is lip gloss from my friend Erin.
Side note- this movie is frickin creepy! I knew it was going to scare me!

Here is a little shot of the crazy end of my closet. You never know what kind of dress you will need.

And lastly, here are some of my favorite flowers: Tulips. I always cut out most of the leaves though, which causes this beautiful slouch in the bouquet.