Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bridal Shower Goodies

I threw my sister a bridal shower this past weekend. You guys want to see what I did? You do? Okay, let's take a look at the goodies.
Cake balls- got the recipe from Bakerella.com. Didn't have enough dipping chocolate, so I just dipped them on one side. People were going nuts for these. It was insane.

Went to the downtown L.A. flower district the day before to stock up on lots of flowers. It was actually pretty easy getting down there and getting around- I even wheeled and dealed a little because I had cash. They wrap the bunches in newspaper, which I thought was neat. You have to get up early though if you are going to hit those markets.
Can't have a bridal shower without champagne. I made 'ballet mimosas', because my sister has been a ballet dancer for years. I mixed a bit of pink lemonade with the champagne. My friend Liz called me out though- she was like "Did you make up that name? Or is that what they are really called?" I was like "Does it matter?" lol. I made that shit up. But it sounded neat!
Sandwich platter that I actually had my sister making while I drank wine...I added the garnish. It's all about garnishing! And I love a good grape garnish- nice dark grapes. Baby grapes are actually better, but they didn't have any.
Cake balls- I made them too big! And some English Toffee that my husband broke into- notice how there is only a little pile left.

Blurry pic of my yellow cupcakes with daisies (her favorite colors are pink and yellow)

This was the bar table that I hit far too often. At one point I was just walking around drinking whatever champagne glass was in front of me (cringes)

The girly cupcakes I frosted that morning. They didn't come out as smooth as I would have liked. Flowers and bird/butterfly from Michael's. Shari's idea to decorate the cupcakes this way- Have to give her props 'cause it was an excellent idea.

And here is the tower with the flowers and ribbons on the table- you have to see the whole thing, you know?

Borrowed these forks from Shari- thanks girl. Picked up this pink ruffle plate at an antique shop a few days back.

Switched out these flowers to chrysanthemums- I DIE for these (Rachel Zoe voice)

(whispers) I decided to wrap my relative's gifts who sent stuff in the mail or handed it to me in a bag. I wanted everything to look neat!

And here are the favors. Boxes from the dollar store. Ribbon from my room. Personalized stickers from zazzle.com, ten dollars. I picked French script writing and the color. They weren't as sticky as I would have liked, but who cares. Filled the boxes with pink-tissue wrapped dark chocolates. *swoons*
It was a great shower. I even did the embarrassing games! Now I will start thinking about the baby shower...