Saturday, June 5, 2010


WHAM! Was the sound of my hormones overloading. See this shot? It put me through puberty singlehandedly. I didn't even really think about guys, well, besides Jason Bateman that is, until Wham! came out. Duran Duran? John Taylor was cute. I liked Simon LeBon and Nick Rhoades (sorry Andy, no one really liked you all that much, nor you, Roger, because you had a crew cut and no make up.) But Wham (I am leaving off the exclamation point) and most of all the eye contact they had with the camera, made me think whooooaaa....ooooh kayyyyy...I get it. I get why girls are going crazy over boys.

I always thought it was all George Michael who was more fashion minded, but it turns out that Andrew Ridgeley was the one who suggested they get new looks and remain fashion forward.

My gay friends always site Wham's Club Tropicana video as to what put them over the top.
It would have done the same for me! I remember finding it odd the Careless Whisper was tagged as being a George Michael solo thing, because, well, wasn't everything in Wham a George Michael solo thing? Andrew popped in and tried to make funny faces from time to time and wear big plaid jackets and shit, but the whole thing was really George from the get go.

Mesh tank tops and running shorts did not tip most of us off to the fact that George Michael was not straight. I would have tagged Andrew Ridgeley as being gay with his frosted bangs, but he ended up married to the brunette from Bananarama, who incidentally, was one of my biggest fashion idols as a teenager. My friend Erin and I would practice the dance to "Venus" in my parent's garage.

Wham's Edge of Heaven video was their final single and boy did it make all of us girls cryyyy. There was a banner in the background that said Goodbye...

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