Friday, June 4, 2010

Stila's Limited Edition Barbie Inspired Cosmetics

Stila is doing a Barbie line right now that is realllly cute. Overpriced, but really cute. Check them out below!
Total sixties beachy make up..shit..I might have to buy this one...

More natural...AS IF Barbie would ever be natural- that is so wrong.

Foxy Barbie- or, Christie, if I recall correctly!

Some ill-placed runway shots so you can see what the look they were going for. I for one am alllll for very big hair, very big sunglasses and pastelly make up, so I leaped up and did a cheer when I saw these pics.
Get it girl

This lip glaze is really cute- they have the new modern Barbie with these hateful bangs on the box.

A pic of all of them- aren't they so cute? Or am I really immature? Don't answer that.

new Lips are too big and too dark. Anyway, this is the eyeshadow.
and some cute little smudge pots!
Til next time...(I am still thinking about my Wham post coming up)