Saturday, June 5, 2010

Fancy Fairy Tale Kiddles and Kiddles Houses

 OK, so, I guess Liddle Kiddles ran out of little things to crawl into, so they started making these neat fairy tale ones, such as Cinderella and Alice in Wonderland. I am not kidding you, the one above is like, $500 on eBay...say what? Anyway, let's take a look at these tiny two inch little dolls from the 1960s:


Packing alert! LOVE toy packaging!
 some close ups of Alice in Wonderland...pretttty

 This is some great packaging: the "Funny Bunny" Kiddle- wish I could have gotten this in my easter basket!

 There are a bunch of other Kiddle accessories too. Let's check them out! They are neat and colorful and vinyl!
 a little house...

 A jewelry box for the Lockets Kiddle
 A pop up playhouse!

This one goes to the Alice in Wonderland doll...

Other cute little places to play...

Inside the cabin- some groovy interior design!
Here is the pop up boutique
This one is a knock-off, but I liked the colors so I will leave it in!
It is a pop up gingerbread house.
And here is the town- the colors are a little muted on this one...
and the little ranch house. Yee Hah!
This is a little booklet for the teensy kiddles- dont know if they are the "real" ones- they might be the knock-offs- but this is still neat...

It opens into this little playset. Clever, huh?

and here is the little Sleeping Beauty's Castle...

Here it is opened up- cute huh?

Til next time!