Friday, June 4, 2010

I Love Tarina Tarantino

 Tarina Tarantino is a former model turned jewelry designer. She also has hair accessories and a neato make up line that I showed you in my last post. You have probably seen her Hello Kitty jewelry that was popular a few years back. She has tons of skull stuff and Alice in Wonderland on Acid type stuff, but she also designed some (drum rolllll) Barbie Jewelry that just makes me lightheaded I love it so much. I have no idea what I would wear any of this jewelry with- I think I would most likely set it out and stare at it.



She has also designed a ton of Wizard of Oz stuff- here is a Glenda the Good Witch necklace and below is a Dorothy one. She has some really neat black and evil looking wicked witch stuff, but it is too dark for this foofy blog.

Tarina herself has bright pink hair (I love that) so her models are also buck wild.

Here she is putting together a look with these two models in her cameo jewelry. So cool.
Ok, now moving on to HELLO KITTY, which many people wonder why we girls in America love so much. I can only say that it just reminds us of being school girls, a more simple time.

Tarina has her "pink head" hello kitty stuff here, if you look close, Hello Kitty has pink hair like Tarina.

Here is a pretty compact from her make up line
Loving this bracelet!
and a neato purse that I would carry with jeans

Here is a Barbie made in her liking
Tarina herself

Til next time...and that will be soon because I suddenly have all this stuff in my head that I have to put down...I am trying to stop myself from doing a post on Wham but I am obsessed with them this week.