Saturday, June 5, 2010

Secret Agent Pencil Cases

Pencil cases were the gadgets we loved best, were they not? Was there anything better to do than open and close your pencil case all day while you were sitting in school learning about Lewis and Clark and other such boring things? It was the reason most of us girls didnt pay attention in school in the 80's. How could we?! We had these James Bond pencil cases where you could push a button and a little tray would pop out so you could hide your pencils or erasers. The vinyl cases were cushioned and colorful. There was nothing better than popping out all of the compartments and then clicking them all back in!

Below are some styles that made me drool as a kid- anything with little windows was awesome, but mostly I was into buttons.

I loved the Little Twin Stars and their puffy clouds and rounded stars. I felt like they lived in heaven- pastel heaven, that is.

The more buttons the better!

This one has a magnifying glass on it!

I looked at how much these were going for on ebay and I choked on my coffee. 75 bucks?! *sighs* I wish I had 75 bucks.