Saturday, June 5, 2010

Erasers: The currency of girlhood

What does a 36 year old want with Sanrio? I don't know the answer. I just know they are cute little trinkets that made me happy when I was a kid and I enjoy looking at them today. I loved Hello Kitty, but Little Twin Stars were from the heavens. And if I had to pick one item from Sanrio, it would of course be the erasers. They smelled like bubble gum and they looked like candy.

Did you guys have one of these lipstick erasers? They were cute, but they always broke because the eraser part was too long for the base.

I had this eraser and I was ready to slit the throat of anyone who came near it.

I think I had this one too- I never used it, of course, because all of the black lead would ruin the eraser. All of us girls knew better.

I sat in class and stared at this. Sanrio distracted the best of us in the 80's. Between these erasers and the insane pencil cases, we didn't stand a chance.