Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Smurfs

The Smurfs were created in Belgium in 1958 and somehow made it to our Saturday morning tv screens in the 80s. I know I was watching and so were you! Let's take a trip down memory lane and remember the Smurfs, shall we?

You remember Papa Smurf of course. He wears red and is in charge. The Smurfs blindly followed his orders, no matter what he said. He was like, 573 years old or something so I guess he had seniority.

Lazy smurf was the one sleeping all day and night, even if there was a fire. He was totally useless.

Handy smurf was the one with a pencil behind his ear and who fixed things. They would've been screwed without him!

Hefty smurf was the manly smurf who usually catered to Smurfette. He had the tattoo on his arm and was strong and buff and the hero of the bunch.

Brainy smurf was the know-it-all obnoxious tattle tale goody two shoes, all rolled into one. He would have never made it in prison.

Vanity smurf had the flower behind his ear and the mirror in his hand at all times and had kind of a gay voice. He thought he was the shit. He must be from L.A.

Grouchy smurf was the one that would always talk about how much he hated everything.
They would say "Let's gather some smurfberries! And he'd say 'I hate smurfberries!" That would have gotten really old. I would have had to be separated from him.

Jokey smurf was the one with the present that always blew up. He had the really annoying scratchy voice and kooky laugh. I would have kicked his fuckin ass.

Smurfette was the only girl smurf and she was really whiny. She was also very helpless,
saying "Boo hoo hoo!" very often. She set the women's movement back centuries.

Watch the opening song:

Have a very smurfy day =)