Saturday, April 11, 2009

Dudley Shake An Egg Easter Kit

When I was a kid, I looked forward to Easter just to open up this Dudley Shake an Egg kit.
It was so fun and cartoony and special. You didn't drop the eggs into tablets of colored water, you shook them in a bag with some special crystals.

I miss this Easter egg kit! I would buy one on eBay
if I could find it.

Here are some 80's Easter commercials:
and of course, Cadbury Eggs
 and here is one for the Dudley Shake an Egg kit!
These Robin's Eggs are my favorite Easter Candy. They are malt balls
with a pastel coating that turn your lips all white. I could polish off a whole
bag of these by myself.

Peeps: A candy I have not tried because I hate marshmallows. I love the colors though, hence my including this picture.

This is the sort of candy I would get in my basket: waxy tasty
bunnies in beautiful foil colors. Happy Easter!