Saturday, April 11, 2009

Lilly Pulitzer: Fugly Yet Happy Prints

These are Lilly dresses from the 1960's

Lilly Pulitzer is another designer I love but don't wear. I never wear prints, which is what the brand is all about! Lilly was married to the grandson of Joseph Pulitzer in the 60's (yes, the guy who came up with the Pulitzer Prize.) They owned a bunch of citrus groves in Palm Beach, Florida. She was rich and bored so she started a fresh juice stand. Her clothes kept becoming stained from all the juice, so she had her dressmaker make her a shift dress with a bright, colorful, printed pattern. Lilly's former classmate, Jackie O, wore one of the shift dresses on the cover of Life magazine and made the brand world famous. The rest is history, people. Lilly Pulitzer was most famous in the 80's, when the preppy fad was prominent. Women had to have Lilly Beach dresses and golf skirts.

Lilly Patterns: Don't ask me to remember them all

Cute beach dresses for the Palm Beach set

Colorful, happy patterns

Lilly golf skirts, above and below