Saturday, April 25, 2009

My TV Heroes

Okay, most of these shows are from the 1960's, but they are what I watched in the 80's. THe 80's were allll about re-runs, because cable was very new and no one had it yet.
I know I should have idolized poets or women's rights activists, but I looked up to television characters as a kid. The reasons were, well, downright ridiculous, but we are all friends here. Let's start with Barbara Eden. She played Jeannie on I Dream Of Jeannie. I liked her flowy, pink and red clothes.
But more than her clothes, I loved her bottle! The inside was decorated to perfection. Purple, lavender, hot pink and gold?! Hell yes!!! Where do I sign up? I would have been a slave to an uptight NASA astronaut too, if I could have lived inside that bottle with all those throw pillows! The bottle they originally used for the first black and white episodes was a promotional bottle for Jim Beam bourbon whiskey. When the show went color, they painted up a better one.

I Dream of Jeannie was created for NBC because of the success of it's rival, Bewitched, on ABC. The beginning of the show was a cute cartoon- I was sold from that point on.

Jeannie even had a sultry brunette sister in green, who caused much trouble.
She needed someone like that in her life because she was so sweet and simple.

Dude..This has nothing to do with anything, but I found it by accident.
What the eff? Moving on..

Wonder Woman was a pretty amazon princess who had super human strength. She could fuck someone up. Not only that, but she had James Bond-like tools, like the lasso of truth, an invisible jet and cuff bracelets that blocked bullets. She was originally a comic book character from the 40s, but they made a tv series around her in 1975 because of the success of Batman.

My next hero was Ginger Grant on Gilligan's Island. Her name was taken from two big stars: Ginger Rogers and Cary Grant. There were two reasons why I wanted to be her: 1) She was always in evening gowns with perfect hair, no matter the climate or situation and 2) all the guys were mesmerized by her charm and beauty and became total idiots around her, as if under a spell.


Daisy Duke on Dukes of Hazzard was the exact same character, only in hillbilly clothes. They made her wear flesh colored tights on the show because her shorts were so short. They didnt want her cooter hanging out. She was a waitress at Boss Hogg's Bar, so she was always eavesdropping on Boss and his crew, and passing the gossip on to her cousins, Bo and Luke Duke. Daisy would stop men in their tracks with her sexiness and make them into blubbering idiots, who would do whatever she said. Sign me up!

I liked villainesses better than the good girls, so I liked Catwoman on Batman.
She was sneaky and smart and wore a cool outfit! She was not easily ruffled, which always impressed me. I preferred the actress Julie Newmar in the role (there were two others.)