Saturday, April 25, 2009


I need to live in this castle. I wouldn't even redecorate! Well, maybe a little bit of pink damask wallpaper in the bedroom with a cushioned headboard

and some pink toile in the bathroom

Okay, okay, way too much pink, even for me.
But seriously folks, look how pretty the detail is on Cinderella's castle!
This is the back of it, which I think I like best! This castle was modeled after a real castle in Southwest Bavaria, Germany called Neuschwanstein.

Imagine living there and looking out the front and seeing Main Street USA! I adore the beautiful craftsmanship on the store fronts. And it smells like waffle cones outside! I would be 300 pounds.

It's a Small World is one of the neatest things at Disneyland. I mean, look at this thing!

I have never been there for Christmas, but this is what they do to it!

A hot pink camel? I bow to this color scheme!

You can't help but feel happy when you see all of the nations singing together !

Fantasyland is like a little Bavarian village with thatched roofs and cobblestone
roads! Wait...there are no cobblestones...but it seems like there would be!
Nevertheless, the architecture is fantastic and I always appreciate it wholeheartedly. I mean, even the entrances to the bathrooms look like they were built by forty elves and carefully hand painted with a blade of grass.

The Matterhorn is another Bavarian theme. You expect to see friggin Heidi with her lamb or The Von Trapps yodeling somewhere on a hill top. It makes me want to bust out some lederhosen and say RIIIICOLAAAA!

The tea cups are so pretty and colorful. I love the paper lanterns above them. I want them in my backyard.

Peter Pan is the best Disney movie, so I love the ride.


And what could be more joyous than a Carousel with pipe organ music!
And you just know it smells like buttered popcorn around this thing!

All that happiness needs to be balanced with a good scare from the Haunted Mansion, But at least they gave us a beautiful, antebellum Southern mansion with wrought iron lattice work and shit! I want to dust the thing out and make it my headquarters! I would smash that Madame Leota crystal ball, because that chanting scares me, and I would burn those pictures that morph into old/evil people. The whole graveyard thing might put me into a depression as well...but I would just go out and get a waffle cone!