Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Joy of Stickers

Stickers were another great joy in my childhood. When I see a scratch n' sniff sticker, particularly the round ones, I still feel happy inside. I first got stickers in second grade or third grade if I did really well on a paper. I would try and peel them off and put them in my sticker book at home. These puffy ones with the googly eyes were cool to pull apart. There was padding in the middle.

This is what scratch n sniff stickers looked like. They were normally food smells, but there were also funny ones like a dirty shoe or a skunk. These were very special to every girl I knew!

As a kid, you always wanted the ones that smelled like bubble gum.
It was the best smell in the world for some reason. You would then compare with your friends which stickers smelled best.

Chocolate was another good smell, hence these baked goods stickers in green.

I remember when these brown teddy bears came out. There were sheets of stickers that were clothes for the bear. They also had ducks and other animals.

Critter Sitters always got me confused with Shirt Tales, which were cute but not as cute as these guys.

Of course, Sanrio has several brands of stickers, all tiny and perfectly detailed.

I had a red hello kitty sticker book, that was not full enough!

And finally, along with unicorns and rainbows, there were heart stickers. The perfect heart shape brought joy to many little girls, especially the shiny iridescent ones!