Wednesday, April 15, 2009

1980's Junk Food

Lik-m-Aid (later called Fun Dip) was one of my favorite candy products. Probably because it was straight sugar, but that is neither here nor there. I got some of my best ideas wired on this
I was a Willy Wonka fan. I loved the packaging most of all. Rinky Dinks were really neat. The box was like Nerds, but there were three different openings for the three flavors. I was really impressed with the boxes of Willy Wonka candy.

Dude...Dinosour Eggs were my favorite!!!! My dad would buy my sister and I these at the Zuma Beach food stand. Each black box contained one special jawbreaker egg that changed colors several times until it left you with a sweet tart in your mouth. We would swing on the swings at Zuma while sucking on these eggs. Not the safest thing to do, but it was the 80's.
Gobstoppers were what I turned to when I couldn't get Dinosour Eggs. I did like that there was less sucking involved. I was impatient and wanted to bite into the candy.

Now on to gum.

This gum was very grainy- you could taste the sugar in it.
The flavor didnt last, but I didnt care because I liked the hot pink
If we asked for gum, my mom would buy us care free because it
was sugarless. Gag.
This was the best tasting gum- my favorite.
Freshen up was kind of groce because there was a liquid center.
I loved to smoosh them open though. Once I chewed the liquid into the gum, I lost interest.

I liked the Bubble Yum packaging because of the bubble letters.
All girls in the 80's were into bubble letters!
I liked these tiny Chiclets. I would pour the entire bag in my mouth
at once (*hangs head in shame*)

Sometimes I would talk my grandparents into buying me Fruit Striped Gum. I liked the packaging a lot and the flavor was very different.

Sometimes my sister and I would get lucky and get some cookies
with our burgers at McDonalds. McDonalds burgers werent considered
bad for you back then!

My mom did buy Otter Pops! Rejoice! I liked Poncho Punch.

My dad sometimes treated us to Slush Puppies or Icees (slurpies?)at the liquor store

I would always choose a Bomb Pop from the ice cream man, because I
thought it was the biggest thing you could get.

Things other kids had in their lunch boxes that I coveted:

Anything by Dolly Madison or Hostess. The most I would get in the
way of junk food in my lunch was a granola bar with chocolate chips
or a capri sun.

I was so jealous of kids who had Hawaiian Punch drink boxes.
I would be drinking Hansen's soda and shit.
Chips from the 80's

We werent really into chips, but I had to show the retro packaging!
My mom bought me these- I liked them better than the orange ones.

My sister and I would get one of these on a good night. We got into a brawl once because I swiped my finger through her mashed potatoes.
Remember when Del Taco bags looked like this? No? Just me?...okay then...
Now that we have looked at all of this junk food, let's watch the commercial for