Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Mad Men: Sixtie's Perfection

Betty Draper: Great hair
If you want to watch a really beautifully done TV show with superb writing and gorgeous set design and costuming, check out Mad Men on AMC. It is my very favorite show. It is set at an advertising agency in the early 1960's and features a mysterious, handsome self made guy named Don Draper. He is kind of a dick. He cheats on his wife constantly, but he also has his good points. The guys in the office are all smoking and drinking all day. They are sleeping with the secretaries and being totally sexist and racist- just all around cads. It is interesting to see how different things were in a decade that was not so long ago. We have come a long way.
The guys from the office at a strip club

One of my favorite things about the show is that every single costume and prop, right down to the pens on the desk and the lamp posts outside are period- meaning they are really from the year in which the show is set (1961? maybe 1962.) The costuming on Don's wife, Betty, is phenomenal and that is what my post will focus on today: See below for great hair and clothes- and cool sets.

Betty looking more sophisticated than her usual innocent self.
She is usually in a very child-like stance.

Betty has the most beautiful dresses. You can't see this one very well but I had to include it. Check out the wall paper and pictures in the background. I love it.

Always looks put together, even when depressed.
Looks at this cobalt blue jacket with the red lipstick!

I love that she is on this phone with the twisty cord that gets all tangled and won't let you move from the spot you're in. Even those magnets in the background and the curtains are all from the early sixties. They put so much into this show!

Don and Betty entertaining clients in Manhattan
The client hits on Betty and she is flattered by the attention because Don has no interest in her whatsoever and goes around screwing ugly chicks. What a tool.

Don and Betty at their country club, keeping up appearances

Betty talking to her shrink. The shrink calls her husband after each session and tells him everything! I think that is what it used to be like back in the day.

Betty Draper just slapped this ho in the grocery
store and then pulled herself together and walked away.
The bitch was insulting her, she had no choice. Love her for that!
Also love her outfit for going grocery shopping.

Check out Mad Men - Season One on DVD.

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