Saturday, November 5, 2016

Gilmore Girls: TheyAreTalkingTooFast

I love books, the East Coast (is that supposed to be capitalized?), huge mugs of coffee, small towns and beautiful displays of food. Oh- and prep schools, I am obsessed with all things Ivy League and the seasons, and quirky relationships. But I am still on the fence about Gilmore Girls.

I did not watch the series when it first came out in what, 2000? I was busy, trying to make a living, I believe I was waiting tables and struggling in my hometown of Los Angeles. I remember trying to get into it, because I did like Dawson's Creek and Felicity, and all of those sorts of shows. But I couldn't get into Gilmore Girls because I was so irritated at the fast talking and how unrealistic their  conversations seemed. I cringed so hard. And the parents-- couldn't stand Emily Gilmore, just the worst actress ever. And Paris Gellar: Love the actress on How to Get Away with Murder. HATE her acting on Gilmore Girls. The lines themselves are not bad, it is the over-acting, the yelling from both Paris and Emily that I can do without. They give me anxiety.

I am now on season four and Lorelei has grown on me, although she talks way too fast and has way too many outfit changes for someone who is not as rich as her parents. I would like to see her wear the same coat. dress or sweater more often. Wait-- no-- I would hate that is the reason I could not watch Land of the Lost.

Rory is okay. She seems well adjusted and I like looking at her life and her loves. I am going to commit to the next few seasons as background shows for when I am working on my laptop, and if it has picked up and won me over at that point, you will be the first to know. If not? Let me be the person to tell you that you are not missing out if you missed this show the first time around. However, the sets are beautiful. If you like the feeling of a small town that is decorated lavishly for every season, and if you want a cozy and quirky cast in the background while you do something else? Watch this show on Netflix.

Edited to Add:

I am now on season six (I have forwarded through any scene with Sookie, Lane, Luke, Kirk, Taylor and even Lorelei)--and this has improved the show greatly. While I still consider Rory mealy-mouthed (is that a word?) and passive-aggressive, I am much more entertained by her Yale years. She gets a new boyfriend (Logan Huntzburger) and it makes the show far more watchable. Other things: In my fast-forwarding I have seen that Lorelei has worn her pink coat several times. So there is that. I have also come to love Emily Gilmore. Yes, I just said that. There is an episode in season six that makes the whole series worth it. If you keep watching, both Emily and Paris will stop yelling. The show also cuts back and forth between cozy and fancy, which is much better in my opinion. I will let you know if anything changes with further watching!