Thursday, October 27, 2016

I am scared of Food. All Food.

First of all, just a random thing: I have been watching a lot of TV lately and I am noticing something that is highly annoying: A lot of products...okay, almost every product from Kraft cheese slices (which are like, what, fake cheese?) to cars to clothes to tampons are using the same "strumming guitar/folk music" and an enchanting whisper hippie pixie sort of voice to accompany it. I want to bash frying pan over the person singing and also to the person on the guitar.

There is also a huge rise in whistling songs, which are supposed to imply wholesomeness and campfires and apple orchards. This whistling is accompanied by a strumming guitar also, and it means, that because the music is very simple and not over-produced and slick, that Our product is made from the purist, GMO free, organic sources, etc etc etc (there are too many jokes going on about the tears of unicorns and virgin milkmaids already). While I HATE the commercials, I like the thought of the pure, simple food and that is because one of biggest fears as the person in charge of the food for my family is that it is all tainted and is going to kill us and make our eyeballs fall out, maybe not in that order.

It is now downright scary to choose food, even the most expensive Whole Foods Market selection has me thinking "Is this all bullshit? Is this any better than the others?" Half of the people think the organic industry is a big scam, others swear by it and I don't know who to believe. I really just don't and it causes me anxiety. I look at every label-- preservatives! Weird sugar substitutes! Sugar at all! corn syrup. Just all of it. The fruit and veggies-- was the soil and the dirt full of poison? Milk-- some people say kids need it, others say the human body wasn't meant to ingest dairy. and don't even get me started on meat and carcinogens and unfair treatment of animals-- I just want to cry sometimes with the stress of this.

Kale. Are we just supposed to eat Kale and leave it at that? Well let me tell you folks something. I have been eating egg whites, fresh berries, salmon, kale, Himalayan sea salt, chlorophyll drops, doing an alkaline diet, drinking green smoothies, exercising regularly...and I still got cancer. All I can think of is What did I eat wrong? Where did I screw up? More iodine? More this? More that? Less this? Less that?

So I am scared of food, scared of the grocery store, scared of all of the contradicting information and distrustful of all of the sources of these articles that are telling us what is good and what is bad.

Anyway, that is my little rant for the night. Thanks for listening to me and I hope you are all doing well and taking care of yourselves!

Until Next Time,