Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Barbies in 1985

 I loved 1985 and I loved Barbie. But I don't remember having these Barbies from 1985! The one above is Magic Moves Barbie (thank you to flickriver, where I got these pics). Did I already do a post on her? I can't remember. Anyway, her big thing was that she moved all by herself, people! And she wore this ice blue outfit and had super frosted hair!

 The back of the box is hilarious- it shows all of the "moves" she can do- which consist of her in 20 poses with her boa/cape. She could have taken those same pictures without the special "moves" feature! But we didn't care- we wanted the new outfit and the slightly different hairstyles of these Barbies!

 Have I already mentioned Dream Glow Barbie? She has a cute ponytail that we tried to leave in, but then we HAD to brush her hair so we removed the little clear rubberbands. Dream Glow Barbie had stars on her dress that GLOWED people. If you had a black light, you could see them better than the rest of us, who had to go in a closet.

 And if that wasn't enough, you could get a Dream Glow BED! Fancy!!

 Speaking of fancy, here is a little hair accessories kit from 1985. Curlers (that didn't work but were cute), a tiara (always necessary in my world) and some other stuff that I can't tell what it is, are all included in this kick ass kit. That extra braid of hair was always good for up dos and general fanciness!
 Wha wha wha whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! A little fashion mall? I believe this is from the 70's, but I had to throw it in here. It looks like a little vinyl carrying case that opens into a FASHION PLAZA! With a little bridal salon! So cool. Loving the escalator.

And lastly, another 1985 Barbie I do not remember: FUN TIME Barbie, who came with a real watch, to capitalize on the SWATCH fad of the mid 80's. She came with a real watch, that of course looked like a Swatch. And there was a frickin watch on her shirt! That is hilarious. She looks really cute though- cute earrings and hair!