Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Facts of Life

My favorite part of Facts of Life (after all the cool girls with the long pretty hair took off and they narrowed it down to four girls) was their store, Over our Heads. To me, it was the perfect store. Those ceramic masks on the wall? I thought they were SO hip! I had one or two myself, but they were broke-down crappy versions. See that plastic pearly weighted blow up palm tree in the background? I wanted one of those too!

And LOOK! They had candy that you could see through the glass in the counter! I even see Gumby's horse Pokey hanging back there in the background.

This was such a big deal to me- I had one like it. I thought it was so classy!

I would have straight stabbed someone for this one! I am not even kidding. It was all about air brushed music notes and ribbons my friends!

Let's watch the episode of the grand opening of Over our Heads! We can check out a little George Clooney mullet action as well!

I am gonna go put on my scrunchy socks and banana clip....