Wednesday, November 17, 2010

1980's Video Games

Do you guys remember these cool little video games? Frogger and Q*bert were the ones that appealed to me most, behind ms. Pac-Man, of course. How could I turn down a video game that featured a character with a bow in her hair and pumps?

The only game for the girly girls!

Frogger came out in 1981, when I was in third grade. You had to get the frog across the street before it got splattered by cars, trucks, buses, bulldozers, taxis, vans and friggin dune buggies. Then you would have to get the frog over a river, onto one of the empty lily pads. You had to avoid otters, crocodiles and snakes in the river!

Here is a little Q*bert game. This game came out in 1982. The little guy started at the top of a pyramid and had to jump down it, changing the cubes to a certain color and avoiding bad guys at the same time. The thing we all loved about Q*bert was that he swore when he screwed up- there was a little !#$@! that came on the screen. Ooooh! I'm telling mom!

Q*bert was the most popular game behind Pac Man and Donkey Kong. Let's look at some cool Q*bert stuff, shall we?

The game!

The screen!

An ad!

And the coveted lunch box!

We didn't have Atari or ColecoVision at my house, but I watched the most awesome of cartoons called the Saturday Supercade, which featured animated shows of all of the popular video games. I liked it because it gave me a back story to all of the games, which is something I needed (I always found myself creating back stories to things that weren't explained well enough, so this was something I fully supported!)
Q*bert getting his curse on

And Frogger trying not to get killed

Til next time...