Saturday, October 2, 2010

I got a wuzzle I'm gonna snuzzle...

Bumblelion: Part lion and part bumblebee! He looks stoned.

Do you guys remember this catchy commercial? I got a wuzzle I'm gonna snuzzle, cute as he can be...

They couldn't get something to rhyme with kangaroo, so they had to use kanga-ree? It's like a bad rap song (shakes head.) Anyway, look at the rest of the animals below!

Hoppopotumus! Part rabbit and part hippo, y'all!

Moosel- part moose and

Ahhhhwww...Butterbear! Part bear and part butterfly. Love the blushing cheeks.

Rhinokey- part rhino, part monkey...and part fierce!
I don't remember this one, but apparently it did exist: Skowl: Part skunk, part owl! There is a skunk tale in back.

Eleroo- part elephant and part kangaroo, bitches!