Thursday, September 30, 2010

Liddle Kiddles Make Me Happy

Some of my Favorite Liddle Kiddles are  the Kola Kiddles, the Lollipop Kiddles and the Ice Cream Cone Kiddles! Did you know there were a bunch of neat kinds? These are little tiny two inch dolls from the 1960's that you could collect in your groovy bedroom. Is there anything better than colorful little dolls inside cool things like soda cans and ice cream cones? I love these SO much! Let's look at a bunch of them:

I think this is a really pretty one- she is a peppermint candy cane kiddle

Packaging! I LOVE toy packaging (sighs)

A closer shot

Here is a neat Kola Kiddle- some sort of Lime one

 Greta Grape!
 Grapes on the head! So couture!
 Here are all the Kola ones- Neat, huh?

 They came in three packs? Cool! More to come...