Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Did you guys ever get Underoos? They were so cool! They were kids underwear made by Fruit of the Loom that featured popular characters of the day, mostly comic book super heroes. I had the Bat Girl ones and I felt ultra cool!
Did you know they had Daisy Duke ones? I didn't. Look- little denim undies! They are about the size of the actual shorts Daisy wore!

Ms. Pac Man Underoos? No one told me about these either! I was a big Ms. Pac Man fan. I was her for Halloween in third grade.
This must be from one of the commercials: Wear these undies and you will suddenly look like this curvy cartoon! NOT.
I think this is from the Sears Catalog, book of all that was good and righteous.
Here is the packaging for the Super Girl Underoos. They are pretty cute!
Ooooooh, sukey sukey now! The Dukes of Hazzard on your panties? Say it ain't so!
The A-Team Underoos! Hell Yeah! I was always Faceman, aka Face. Why? Because the boys didn't want to be him. *shrugs* He was too soft.


and one that is a little newer (1981)

and here is the Barbie and Daisy Dukes one: