Sunday, July 18, 2010

More Barbie Commercials

Hi Girls,
I have some more commercials for my favorite Barbie products. Here is one featuring my favorite Barbie, Golden Dream Barbie!

and another of my favorites: Pink n' Pretty Barbie! She had all of those outfits!

Barbie Bubbling Spa! She was so pampered...

Barbie Beauty Salon! Goes without saying that she needed to look perfect.

Barbie Workout Center!As if Barbie weren't already thin enough! We were taught as girls that even SHE needed to work out! (laughs)

Barbie Star Traveler Motor home! Bitch tried roughin' it at times!

Barbie Dream Kitchen! Because she needed to bake and be domestic, while being glamorous and perfect!

Barbie Glamour Bath and Shower! Is this the one with the little bubbles pump? I wanted this...

*sighs* I love toys.