Sunday, July 18, 2010


Do you guys remember Get in Shape, Girl? When we were like, eight? And we were being told to exercise? I mean, I could get all feminist right now, but do I even need to? It is so absurd that this was something we had to start thinking about so young. But on the other hand...with all the fat asses I see now...It couldn't hurt some of these kids who are so unhealthy to get some leg warmers on and start twirling ribbons and batons and what not.

As girls, I just remember my sister and I liking any reason to wear tights. Tights meant dance class or a performance of some sort. Tights meant fancy dresses on holidays. And batons were the shit. I was pretty good at twirling mine, but then I taped a microphone to the end of it and stuck it in my sock drawer so I could start recording my own commercials for my pretend ad agency. Is it any wonder I am a Mad Men fan? Anyway, back to the insanity of Get in Shape Girl.

Let's check out these commercials to get the full effect of how weird this really was:

Now lets stretch and cool down!