Saturday, July 17, 2010

Barbie Commercials

I loved the Barbie commercials growing up, as I am sure all of you did! In the mid eighties it was all about the jingle "We girls/can do any-thing/right Barbie?"

That almost makes my heart hurt I miss those days so much. Sigh. Moving on. Let's take a look at a commercial for Sun Gold Malibu Barbie from 1983- she had an upgraded swimsuit and tote bag, basically. And I do not say that with sarcasm- that suit was cute!

I love this Day to Night Barbie commercial from 1984. Barbie was ready to clock out of work and go out for drinks with Ken in her reversible outfit:

Okay everyone, let's compose ourselves. This next commercial is for one of the greatest toys ever invented- The Barbie Fashion Face. This toy got me started on hair and make up at about seven or eight years old. The only..not so fabulous thing about it, is the commercial- listen to the most hateful jingle known to man!

Did you guys love Peaches n' Cream Barbie like I did? All of that tulle had me SOLD

And then there was Great Shape Barbie, with her leg warmers...

I love this Superstar Barbie, however, I must laugh at how awful advertising was in the 7o's!

Crystal Barbie was soooo pretttyy: did I miss THIS Barbie? Wow.