Saturday, June 19, 2010

Gone With The Wind

You guys have seen Gone with the Wind, right? I think it is one of those movies you don't want to admit you haven't seen- like The Godfather. At any rate, I adore the character of Scarlett O'Hara, played by Vivien Leigh.
She started out spoiled and rich and content, living on a Southern plantation with slaves and all of that. She basically sat around pining for this guy down the street named Ashley- but he married someone else- a really nice girl named Melanie. So nice that you want to roll your eyes. There is nothing worse!

Scarlett also met a charismatic guy named Rhett Butler, but she found him shady. He was super confident and insisted he would get her one day. She was like, please, you aren't getting near me.
Next thing you know, the Civil War breaks out and everyones worlds are turned upside down. If you don't remember what the Civil War was all about, I won't judge you. Real quick, it is when the Northern states fought the Southern states and well, The South lost. So basically, all of those plantation parties and girls in big hoop skirts? Well, the shit was over. The South was now in flames, burning down.
After seeing tons of death and destruction, Scarlett O'Hara was about to break. She wasn't cut out for things like that. But then she saw her families plantation, Tara, in ruins. When something like that happens, you either just lay down and die, or you raise up and fight.
She decided not to give up. Holding the dirt from Tara's cotton fields, Scarlett vowed she would do whatever it took to survive and take care of her family.
Next thing you know, she is hustling. She kind of assumed the role of the man, because no one else was there to do it. Most of the men in town had died in the war. Scarlett fed and took care of her remaining family members and even Ashley's wife and child. She was in rags, wiped out and miserable every day- but she refused to fold. Some guy said he wanted to buy Tara and Scarlett realized she couldn't pay the taxes on the thing and she was in danger of losing it. She thought to herself...I need to find a sucker to help me out. I need to find Rhett Butler.
Rhett Butler said he had no money to help her. She was pissed. But then she ran into her sister's fiancee, and decided to steal him, because he had a general store. She turned the thing into a huge sawmill, which was prosperous, as The South needed to be completely rebuilt after the war.
After she has her own money and her husband dies, Rhett Butler comes sniffing around again. He proposes and she accepts, as she is tired of hustling. She wants to live the good life, which he can now provide for her. Things start to go awry when Rhett sees that she still loves this Ashley guy and he decides to leave her. Ashley's wife ends up dying and when Scarlett realizes how much Ashley loved her, she realizes that she screwed up with Rhett Butler. She tries going back to him and he gives her a huge F. U.
Gone With the Wind is a really long movie, but is worth watching because it is so beautifully done. The film won ten academy awards in 1939 and is considered one of the greatest movies of all time.

Here is the trailer: