Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Ginghams Paper Dolls and Coloring Books

Did you have any of these Ginghams paper dolls or coloring books as a little girl? They were set in the 1890's I believe, don't ask me why I am pegging that as the time frame. They seemed Victorian, but I could be wrong.  Paper dolls were cool when you had to go to a relatives house who didn't have toys. Your parents would send you to a back room somwhere, and out your paper dolls would come.

Here is Becky's cute little playroom. She was the blondest of the girls and had freckles. Her hair was usually in a big bun, but here it is down. Cute!
Katie had the shoulder length, reddish hair- here is her little country store. Hmmm, this is sort of Little House on the Prarie, so it is in older times than I thought maybe...
This looks like Olsen's Mercantile...Where is Nells and Nellie?
Carrie was the dark haired one, and her hair was in a tiny bun- I wanted her to wear it down, but oh well. I liked her name. And shoot, she had a little cute store here, so she must have been girly.She also gets a cool birthday party? This girl had good times.
This one above features Sarah, who I liked best because she had long hair.
 Sarah had a kitchen and now a farm- rather mature this girl is- no playrooms or parties for her. Get your ass to work in the barn, Sarah, and then go clean the kitchen after the party.

Here is a nice little collage of the paperdolls in their chonies.

Katie at the sea shore in a crazy swim suit.

Oooh, postcards? I would have saved these and not sent them out, because I would have known that most of my friends would have thrown them away after a week or two, and I couldn't have that! This version of the girls has their hair in different colors- Sarah is more blonde like Becky and Katie is a very light strawberry.
 I hope there wasn't a grandma paper doll with paper shawls and mu-mus...

Here is one of the coloring books. I loved to color their dresses- but you know I was too lazy to color the gingham properly- I just colored the dresses all one color, and it was usually neon pink.

 Here they are traveling like they are on the set of Meet Me in St. Louis, about to sing The Trolley Song.

Here they are in their usual outfits- Becky in red, Sarah in green, Katie in pink and Carrie in blue.
Sarah, looking all cute and fabulous
 Carrie, with the dark hair in the bun. A cute little Christmas theme here.
Katie being all patriotic.
Becky with some wheat and sunflowers from the fields.

I had this one and was disappointed because they weren't in dresses as much. Those overalls were bullshit.

This one was my prized posesstion, still in my room on a shelf right now!