Sunday, April 5, 2009

Beach Towns

Last year I lived in Corona del Mar, a little village in Newport Beach, California. We were about six houses back from the ocean, which is a first for me, because I am usually about six houses back from a freeway. When I walked up the block and looked over the cliff, this is what I saw. I took that picture in December on a nice crisp day. It was a far cry from my usual habitat in L.A. The air was so clean and cool and invigorating.

Here is another shot of the marina. There was a yacht club just below us to the right and then the entrance to Balboa Island, which is what you are looking at in the picture.

Here is one I took while I was (gulp) driving. I am so busted because you can see the speed I am going in the reflection of the window! Anyway, I had to capture this shot I saw when I was coming over the hill to go home. I saw the blue ocean on the horizon and it was just breathtaking.

I took this at the beach in November of last year when the sun was setting.Beauty-ful! It was cold though.
This is one of the houses I liked on my street. It is one of the older homes, which I love, because it is not all fake Tuscan villa, which is the new thing in California I guess. This house reminds me of the three bears house or something. The door and windows are really tiny in real life.
This house was on the next block over and yes, it's pink! It was a Victorian and even had a little scaled down pink tree house in the back!
Here is a pretty house that just looks all-American and happy.
This house is what most of the homes looked like around there, a standard Corona del Mar beach house. It'll do, though! Shoot!
Here is a picture of Goldenrod street. It is the way to get to the beach. There is a pretty flower-lined foot bridge that you can walk or bike over.

This was my favorite house in the 'hood- it had a red door.

Here is another pretty style.