Sunday, April 5, 2009

Liddle Kiddles: Tiny Little Dolls inside Cool Things

Liddle Kiddles are teeny tiny dolls (about two inches high) that come inside little cola bottles, perfume bottles, lockets and other neat things. They were around in the sixties and early seventies. My aunt gave me hers when she was too old to play with them and I was enchanted. Their eyes were beautifully painted on and they always had these tiny decadent dresses with tulle petticoats and flower blossoms in their hair. They don't make these any more, and if they did, they would be cheap imposters with stamped on eyes and cheap dresses. The details on Liddle Kiddles are unprecedented- Someone like me appreciates that shit. See below for some beautiful Liddle Kiddles and then get on ebay and buy some yourself.

A strawberry on the head? Why not?

 I had the one on the left, Apple Blosson (*swoons*)

Fancy Schmancy!

Looking a little loopy...but it was the 60's, so it's ok...

Ok, is it just me, or are they really neat? The colors really strike me and so does the detail. More to come!